About Us

We are a small customer oriented lab that truly takes care of our customers needs. We send all single units on a monotrack articulator and check contacts on the solid uncut 2nd pour of impression.

We were established in 1987 and have grown into one of St. Louis metro’s largest labs. We have done this by using a combination of fair prices and great service.


Why Choose Us

Quality Workmanship–Our Small size allows us to attend to your specific needs. Our use of high quality materials combined with over twenty five years of experience results in exceptional esthetics and proper function (which saves valuable chair time).

Fast turnaround time– If you send us between 1-3 units, once we receive your case it will be in the lab for 5 working days and then we will ship it back to you. If you send us more than 4 units it will be in our lab for 7.Please allow appropriate delivery time

Guaranteed Satisfaction – If there is any problems with any of the work you receive from us we will gladly redo the work to your satisfaction at no charge.

5% Prepay Discount – All major credit cards excepted

Thirty Day Payment with references and approved credit check.

No Hidden Cost!

No Outsourcing….all work is done in-house by a highly experienced professional.